The overwhelming benefits of the implementation of innovative services in the traditional distributors network of DODONI

Need & Initiative

The search of a solution for the real-time daily collection of the Sell-Out data of the geographically distributed network of dairy products of DODONI, based on the peculiarity of the needs of the distributors as well as the products themselves (expiry date, storange in the fridge, special delivery conditions, returns) was the basis of this project.


The Challenge

The collection of the daily sell-out data of the distributors from the heterogenous information systems based on the combination of the requests by DODONI and the different needs of every partner that demanded special customization, while internal organizational/proprietary changes took place as well as the limited time and the traditional operation of the distributors to support the implementation of the project in order to achieve the centralization of the all the administrative units of a traditional company that is characterized by intense geographical dispersion.


The transition of the distributors to the fully automated sell-out data collection ensured the real-time and reliable overview of the network’s performance for the design of a win-win commercial strategy. The Business Intelligence portal of Retail@Link offers full depiction of the sales data & allows DODONI to offer proactive service to the customer needs as well as predict the buying needs.

Through the innovative cooperative model e-DCM (e-Distributors Channel Management), increased visibility & accuracy is ensured with the immediate collection of the sell-out data for 290 skus (promos, packs & special offers included) for every one of the 15 distributors in Greece. This goal was a priority for DODONI who trusted Retail@Link for the creation of a suite of customized & scalable solutions based o the heterogenous requests of every cluster of distributors for the constant improvement of the effectiveness and with future implementation of the solutions to the points of sales abroad (exports).

For the search of the optimum solution non-negotiable criteria were set (speed of integration, speed of the sell-out data, data accuracy, network visibility, flexibility of the provider within the context of the organizational changes, system of confidentiality) from the new management team that consists of a fund that is located abroad. More specifically DODONI SA decided to work with  Retail@Link in order to give a solution να δώσει λύση of the remote & accurate of DODONI with full visibility throughout the collaboration chain as all the administrative units have intense geographical dispersion (factory IT, production, investors, network of distributors) offering a conclusive management tool for the overall view of the activities of the company real-time through a transparent digital environment.

Moreover, due to the peculiarities of the distributors’ network, a suite of combined solutions was provided which are adapted to the commercial activity of each distributor and at the same time are aligned to the targets of the project

Below the different customized solutions that are applied:

A) Installation of the software Database connector of Retail@Link that extracts directly the data from the ERP of the distributors, for the common update between the two information systems of the supplier and the distributors

B) Installation of the software EDI Connector on the local information unit of the distributor, from where txt files are dispatched in the specific format, defined by Retail@Link

C) Creation of scheduled tasks that send automatically the required files (data) to Retail@Link, for the distributors that that have the ERP Entersoft Business Suite installed

D) Installation of software at the printing point (printer monitoring) for the processing of the spool file that contains the data of the documents that are dispatched to Retail@Link

E) Creation of a custom portal where the distributor uploads the file with the data (file upload) for the cases the information system is technologically older

The collection of data from every solution is done under the responsibility/organization of Retail@Link, that is in charge for the matching of the data (mapping) in skus, description, measurement units & the final selling point (removing significant management burden) & creates a processed file that sent to DODONI via the BI portal with ready pre-approved reports.

The innovative approach of the solution R@L e-DCM strengthened the collaboration through the electronic interconnection by eliminating the distances, while the modernization of the combined technologies, skyrocketed the competitiveness of DODONI, by offering the ideal solution to the most important need that defines the strategic decisions: Real-Time Sell-Out Data.


Retail@Link was selected for the:

  • Automated/Ασφαλή safe sell-out data collection through the service R@L e-DCM and monitoring of the commercial activity of the distributor
  • Zero investment in the information systems in the distributors’ network and immediate implementation regardless of the heterogenous information systems
  • Rich statistical reports/graphs, from the advanced B.I. Online portal of Retail@Link & the exchange of valuable knowledge throughout the network by applying a win-win approach with mutual benefit
  • Daily data feed of the B.I. of DODONI real-time with updated data for the strategic decisions and the proactive actions to the market needs

The success of the project is attributed to the flexibility of the implementation in the information systems of DODONI, as well as the internal support team (Commercial / ΙΤ departments) and the distributors for the reforming of the organizational structure in only 3 months’ time

  • Definition of requests: Detailed description of the needs for the optimum solution for every cluster of distributors
  • Creation of time plan: Time frame of implementation
  • Support for the mapping process: Retail@Link contacted with every distributor for the collection of the sellout-data & the correspondence with the data of DODONI
  • Fine tuning: A time frame of 15 days was given for the fine tuning without the involvement of an IT expert (only for the provision of access for the accuracy controls of the exchanged data files)
  • Go live with the common agreement for the functional excellence of the project and the complete coverage of needs

The multiplying benefits of the flexible, innovative & cooperative model of Retail@Link for the needs of DODONI that was implemented in the traditionally operating network of distributors by making the most of the outsourcing capabilities, was based on cutting edge technologies and the use of innovations that broke the limitations of distance & time of the geographically dispersed distributors, by optimizing the procedures & skyrocketing the competitiveness resulting in amazing benefits:

Procedure Benefit
Acceleration of the sell-out data collection process >97%
Quality/Accuracy of data (automated) >99%
Administrative time from the distributor/month 1,5h
Decrease of installation time for every remote connection 70%
ROI <2 months
Cash flow control 100%
Operational cost -65%
Decrease of the time of the sell-out data entry 100%
Decrease of the control of the accounting procedures >90%
Yearly cost of controls <95%


e-DCM Sell–out data collection Days Administrative time Minutes
Before 14 Before 17
After 1 After 1,5
Speed 97% Administrative time -75%


  • Οι δυναμικές στατιστικές αναλύσεις & το καθημερινό πλήρες reporting μέσα από το ευέλικτο/εύχρηστο Β.Ι. portal, λειτουργούν ως κινητός σύμβουλος στρατηγικών αποφάσεων, προσβάσιμος από κάθε κινητή/σταθερή συσκευή
  1. Scrollers/Crystal Reports/Dashboards/Cubes/ Geo Analytics: valuable tools of commercial decisions based on real data.
  2. Customer-Insight Analysis: allows to DODONI to discover every customer and align to his demands before the competitors through the targeted segmentation of the geographical areas/distributors/customers
  • Automated sell-out data collection & exchange immediately, securely, transparently, with confidentiality & accuracy
  • Interoperability / Adaptability / Ease of implementation & use of the solution without restrictions from the existing operation systems
  • Easier and Accurate monitoring of the effectiveness of the network, improving the targeting of the offers & marketing activities per geographical area in order to better understand the consumer needs
  • Easy calculation of the Rebates/Bonus with improved control of the benefits attributed
  • Easy scalability to the R@L λύσεις:e-Invoicing, e-Archiving, & Collaborative Replenishment process (CRP/VMI) with immediate synergies
  • The interconnection infrastructure of Retail@Link facilitates & μελλοντικές extensions (dispatch of the financial data of the customer / orders, % of targets achievement sales bonus)
  • Improved collaboration/visibility
  • Service Level analysis: frequency of deliveries, number of skus, average value per delivery
  • Decreased environmental footprint and administrative cost thanks to the elimination of the use of paper

“Our collaboration with Retail@Link supports us in the automated Sell-out data collection, by accelerating for us and our distributors the completion of manual procedures of our cooperation. The solution R@L e-DCM is tested in the much demanding environment of wholesaling, while it is supported by the specialized, experienced & dedidated to the service personnel. Through the ultramodern common communication hub (Online Β.Ι. portal), we have full knowledge of the Sell-Out Data for the improved targeting and the faster service of the needs of every part of the supply chain, by transforming it to a value chain.”