Strategic cooperation between Avis and Retail@Link on the solutions of Electronic Invoicing / Archiving and Electronic Data Interchange

Need & Initiative

The digital upgrade to disengage from existing “manual” processes, as well as the modernization of infrastructure, have been major strategic goals for Avis. The full replacement of the management and archiving of 45,000 documents / month was imperative, as it was a time consuming and costly process that was done internally.

Additionally, the manual search for files, required continuous productive time for executives, forcing them to deal with bureaucratic procedures. At the same time, the operating costs of issuing such a volume of paper documents were particularly high, adding a burden on the company’s environmental footprint. Finally, the daily process of completing the data entry of the incoming documents into the Avis ERP system, as well as the (re) checks required for the error correction, deprived valuable time from more productive processes.


Objectives of the project:

  1. Fast digitization of all paper documents
  2. Optimal use of time in the accounting department, eliminating the cost of multiple checks due to errors and lost documents
  3. Ensuring legitimacy and security in commercial transactions
  4. Reduction of the environmental footprint


  • The management and archiving of 45,000 documents per month (service invoices, compensation, repairs, credit and cancellation fees for 80 rental locations and a fleet of 31,000 vehicles)
  • Issuing 12,855 invoices / 4 months through electronic invoicing
  • The data entry of 11,900 incoming documents / month directly into the ERP system
  • Transferring to the new system 76,000 invoices from 2017 for the e-invoicing customers in just 1 month.
  • The combined application of three different services in the information system and the provision of the necessary safeguards for the smooth operation of the system, as well as the smooth co-existence with the rest of the systems in the company



  • Preparing code grouping for the implementation of the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution between Avis and its suppliers so as to reach a manageable format
  • The standardization of introducing Avis codes into the suppliers’ systems, which was a laborious and time-consuming process, as well as the process of introducing new codes alongside the testing procedure, required special attention and handling to avoid mistakes.
  • Creating a different e-mail template per document, which required automatic allocation before the dispatch.
  • Creating a bridge between the platform and the Avis information system to serve leasing customers who have joined e-invoicing as well as short-term rental customers. Moreover, the process of entering correct data into the Avis information system, required the exact reverse procedure.

After a thorough research based on criteria with measurable results as well as the upgrade and automation of commercial partnerships, Avis chose Retail@Link for the combined solutions of R@L e-Invoicing, R@L e-Invoicing BizDocEE and R@L e-Invoicing EDI, which fully covered the increased demands of Avis, and the diverse needs of both the company and its customers / suppliers.

With the implementation of the R@L e-Invoicing solution, Retail@Link undertakes the transition to the electronic dispatch and the integrated electronic management of each Avis invoice with absolute safety, speed and legitimacy, providing improved visibility throughout the invoicing procedure.

In order to make the most of the Avis existing infrastructure, Retail@Link implemented the e-Invoicing BizDocEE solution for the total disengagement from the outgoing paper business documents and their complete replacement with electronic ones, as well as their local electronic archiving. Avis has real-time access to the documents through the R@L e-Invoicing BizDocEE service as well as the Retail@Link e-Invoicing portal. At the same time, the Avis customers who participate in the electronic invoicing service and receive electronic documents, may access them through the R@L e-Invoicing BizDocEE service from the “” platform, which is constantly updated with data from the Retail@Link e-Invoicing portal.

Additionally, the R@L e-Invoicing EDI solution was implemented to automate the data entry of the suppliers’ documents in order to achieve further economies of scale, allowing Avis to have a complete overview of its incoming documents up to the day before. In particular, Retail@Link transforms the file sent by the supplier, making the necessary countercheck of the skus before their automated data entry into the Avis ERP system.

Along with the combined operation of the three services, a special process was created to send a different e-mail template per document, which required automatic allocation before each dispatch, based on criteria provided by Avis.

Thanks to the know-how and ongoing support of Retail@Link during the implementation of this innovative cooperative model, Avis derived the following benefits:


Archived documents/month 45.000
Incoming  EDI messages/month 11.900
Electronic invoices / month 3.214
Cost per document before 2,58
Cost per document after 0,55
Depreciation <2 months
Cost decrease for archiving the documents by 100%
Time decrease for the printing/dispatch of the invoice by 100%
Time required to resend the documents 0%
Reduction of collection time control by 95%
Reduction of annual audit time by 50%
Reduction of total administrative time by 85%

Avis cooperated with Retail @ Link to create a technologically sound ecosystem based on the capabilities of outsourcing that improves performance by cutting down costs through dematerialization of documents, local electronic archiving of outgoing documents and automated data entry of incoming documents:


  1. Productivity improvement, eliminating recurrent procedures and visibility increase in the management of the accounting department
  2. Flexible and direct interconnection with business associates as well as speed of service with security, transparency and reliability
  3. Continuous alignment with the Tax Law
  4. Updates and visibility among the parties involved for the dispatch and reception of documents with complete account agreements
  5. License Based product with the ability of co-operation with outsourced SaaS services
  6. Decreased environmental footprint
  7. Participation in the growing R@L online community of >56,000 business partners, with direct interconnection and expansion

According to Mr. N. Ioannidis, COO in Avis: “Retail@Link’s combined solutions of e-Invoicing, e-Archiving and e-Invoicing EDI, help us in the important steps of digital transformation, which  is an integral part of our strategy. Retail@Link, stands by our side in this effort, is in line with our “We try harder” motto and supports us in our goals of developing our business partnerships, reducing daily cost of recurring operations, optimizing and developing infrastructures while enhancing the mutual benefits of our partnerships”