Kri Kri : Benefits at 4 dimensions through the innovative processes of the distributors network of Kri Kri

The Need and the Initiative

The need to find a solution for the real-time collection of the sell-out data of Icecream  distributors network of ΚRI KRI on a daily basis, with zero involvement by the distributors through a strictly defined implementation timeframe based on the seasonality of the products, was the basis of this project.


The Challenge:

The daily collection of sell-out data from the distributors from completely heterogeneous information systems, the different way of commercial availability (ex-van sales and the replacement of expired products), in combination with the peak of sales accumulation in a short period of time and at the same time the limited available time of the distributors to support the project.

The preparation of the KRI KRI distributors for the transition to the fully automated sell-out data collection and immediate update of the information system had as an ultimate goal to offer mutual & visible benefits to the involved parties as it ensures real-time and reliable overview of the network sell-out data, for the decision of a win-win commercial strategy, as well as for the potential changes based on real, daily and fresh data. Additionally, the access to the Business Intelligence portal of Retail@Link that offers an enriched overview of the sell-out data, allows KRI KRI and its interconnected partners to align directly with the dynamic market changes in order to be proactive to the continuously increasing consumer needs.

Through the innovative cooperative and high end technology model e-DCM (e-Distributors Channel Management), the automated, unhindered and secure data/documents transfer is ensured without the intervention of the distributor, having increased visibility and data accuracy. The need of immediate sell-out data collection was at the top of the commercial priorities of KRI KRI, as the benefits derived were estimated as increasingly high. The company evaluated the creation of an innovative procedure for the unhindered and effective electronic management of the above procedures, by installing the Database connector by Retail@Link that extracts directly data from every distributor information system, for the respective data extraction and update between the information systems of distributor-supplier. For the optimum solution according to the company needs, several solutions were strictly evaluated based on non-negotiable criteria –integration speed of the distributor’s network, speed of the sell-out data collection, measurable improvement of data integrity, increased visibility for the whole network, and increased cooperation incentives for the distributors.

The pioneering approach of the R@L e-DCM solution strengthened the cooperation between KRI KRI and its distributors through their electronic interconnection while at the same time maximized the benefits of the business partners by offering:


  • Automated & Secure exchange of the sell-out data (through the encrypted protocols of connection/communication) of the e-DCM service of Retail@Link and monitoring of the commercial activity of each distributor
  • Zero investment in information systems in the distributors network of KRI KRI
  • Rich statistic reports/graphs, through the advanced B.I. Online portal of Retail@Link for the quick & easy monitoring by the KRI KRI commercial department and its distributors, as the exchange of valuable knowledge and best practices in the whole network by applying a win-win approach with mutual benefit.
  • Continuous daily update of the B.I. portal with KRI KRI with real-time data.
  • Immediate application of the solution with multiple interconnection methods, for every distributor, regardless the heterogeneous information infrastructure.

The success of this project was based on the flexibility of the implementation of the DB connector in the KRI KRI ERP system and each distributor, as well as the realistic implementation plan that was followed by Retail@Link and KRI KRI with complete synchronization. The methodology that was followed by the cooperating parties was divided in the following stages in order to complete the integration of the distributors by February 2017:

Plan of Distributors Integration:

  • Preparation of Integration: Initially KRI KRI informed the distributors on the setup of a timeplan for the remote implementation of the DB connector in their ERP system. Additionally, supportive material was produced, with complete update and guidance for the distributors.
  • Update/Initialization support: Retail@Link trained the KRI KRI commercial department for the support of this project, while at the same time contacted each distributor separately on the data collection and product mapping according to the KRI KRI data.
  • Implementation and Pilot management of data: The implementation of the DB connector in the KRI KRI ERP system and a selected distributor was realized, where it begun the pilot procedure of the automated data extraction, update of the KRI KRI system and the use of the BI portal for the update of the supplier/distributor and the evaluation of the respective data.
  • Test Files Control & Full Roll-out: The last implementation step included in-depth controls of the integrity of files exchange for every electronic interconnection for the unhindered roll-out of the service.

Benefits for KRI KRI:

The effectiveness of this project was based on the below Key Performance Indicators:

Procedure Result
Speed of the sell-out data collection procedure > 97%
Quality & Integrity of data (through automated procedures) > 99%
Management time needed by each distributor/month 1,5h
Decrease of implementation time for every remote procedure 70%
Decrease of implementation cost for every connection 20-25%
Decrease of accounting procedures/operational cost > 85%


e-DCM Data collection Days Time needed Minutes
Before 30 Before 8
After 1 After 1,5
Speed of sell-out data collection 97% Time needed -75%


  • The Dynamic statistical analyses & daily reporting through the user-friendly Β.Ι. portal, are a mobile sales consultant that is accessible from every device


  1. The provision of Scrollers, Crystal Reports, Dashboards, Cubes, & Geo Analytics, are a decision making tool based on real data as well as a hub of mutual communication & synergies.
  2. The possibility of Customer-Insight Analysis helps KRI KRI to discover each consumer separately and align to his demands before the competitors
  3. The easy/targeted segmentation of geographical areas/distributors/final customers, offers the possibility to setup aggregated tables based on the frequency/number/value of purchases in order to create customer loyalty campaigns.


  • Daily fresh data that facilitate the visibility based on measurable KPI’s
  • Automated collection/exchange of sell-out data in minimum time, with safety, transparency, trustworthiness, and integrity.
  • Interoperability/Adaptability of the solution with no restrictions in the equipment of the existing information systems.
  • Easier/More valid monitoring of the sell-out data of the network helping on the minimization of time allocated by the sales executives, as well as the improved targeting of marketing activities by geographical zone with better understanding of consumer needs.
  • Easier calculation of Rebates/Bonus on sales and improved scheduling of the PNL’s



Benefits for the network & the consumer:

  • Automated collection of the sell-out data that decreases significantly the required operational time.
  • Ease of implementation and use, without the need to change the ERP system of the involved parties.
  • Improved cooperation for the best and most complete analysis of the sell-out data.
  • Provision of infrastructure for the implementation of the e-Invoicing procedure with the supplier and the extendability to the rest of the business partners
  • Fresh and accurate data through dynamic statistical analyses on daily reporting from the user-friendly BI-portal for common visibility through the same hub of bidirectional communication.
  • Monitoring of the product mix and analyses of preferences based on geo-maps by area/product/packaging etc for targeted offers
  • Service Level analysis regarding the point of sales, frequency of deliveries, number of skus, average cost per delivery etc.
  • Decreased environmental footprint and operational cost, as a result of the decreased use of paper.



Benefits for Retail@Link:

  • Scalability to the rest of the Retail@Link solutions such as e-Invoicing, e-Archiving, EDI & Cooperative Stock Replenishment (CRP/VMI) with immediate synergies.
  • Enhancement of the rapidly increasing electronic community of the >55.000 cooperating companies, that ensures immediate ROI.
  • The interconnection infrastructure of Retail@Link, facilitates the data exchange, allowing the integration of solutions such as the client’s financial transactions overview dispatch of orders, percentage of target achievement, sales bonus etc
  • Ensuring the compatibility according to the environmental savings and social responsibility that form the core values of the social responsibility of Retail@Link.

The e-DCM solution by Retail@Link, is a service tested in the extremely  demanding wholesale environment, supporting though cutting-edge technologie  the daily, automated and valid Sell-Out Data collection from the distribution network of every connected distributor,  that is ensured by the support of a specialized, experienced and dedicated to the service, offering to the whole network and the supplier a super modern common communication hub, the  Online Β.Ι. portal, through which you achieve better targeting and service of the needs of the most important link in our supply chain-the final customer.