ELTA COURIER SA, the well known subsidiary of the ELTA HELLENIC POST Group, offers competitive & reliable courier services since 1987, through specialized B2C & B2B solutions, such as the popular DOOR-to-DOOR service.

As part of its progressive culture and the evolution of legislation in Greece (Code of Tax Reporting of Transactions, 1/1/2013) the company decided to opt for e-Invoicing with the use of Digital Signatures, one of the most valuable win-win solutions which answers to the streamlining of excess operational costs.

  • 40% digitalization, within the 1st year of use.
  • Local Electronic Archiving for the total amount of accounts payables and receivables.
  • Automated Invoice Delivery.
  • Provision of access to collaborating agencies, regarding their invoice records.
  • Continuous Support & Customer Service, during the diffusion process.
  • Electronic Distribution and Management of invoice documents, which eliminates the need for paper-documents.
  • Local Electronic Archiving for all accounts payables & receivables and secure storing in the company’s servers.
  • Notifications concerning the successful receipt of invoices.
  • Payback of investment (ROI) in 2,5 months since the beginning of collaboration.
  • Easy & fast expansion to invoice-recipients, though Social Tools featured in the R@L e-Invoicing Paperless e-Portal.
  • 57.6% Cost-Reduction per Invoice.
  • 70% Administrative Time-Reduction per Invoice.
  • Roll out to more than 4,436 invoice receivers within the first 6 months of collaboration, which corresponds to 30.5% of the company’s network.
  • ROI in 2,5 months since the beginning of collaboration.

Environmental savings of 30 trees, 8,160 tons of CO² & 91m³ of water waste.