B. Kafkas SA:The ideal solution in the creation of cooperative models with the optimization of cutting edge technologies and the use of innovation

For B.KAFKAS SA the data entry of multiple documents was a time consuming and costly procedure, despite the fact that it was done in house. The archiving and retrieval of documents demanded a continuous & intensive use of the productive time of the employees of the company in repetitive procedures by increasing the paper kingdom of the company (Average time from the issuance to the archiving/retrieval of a document= 7,6-8’).
Also, the bureaucratic procedures do not match with the environmental consciousness of B. Kafkas SA. Specifically the use of 2 pages of paper/document created an environmental cost where the operating expenses skyrocketed.


B.Kafkas SA in numbers – Data
Yearly turnover (2016) : 123.000.000€
Investments (2017) : 4.000.000€
Printing/Dispatch of the invoice : 0,49€
Archiving : 0,36€
Dispatch of lost invoices : 0,49€
Report management : 1.24€

Total :2.58€
For 16,000 documents/day : 41.280€

The management & archiving of >500.000 documents/month on a 6-day basis in >120 printing points (2 tax mechanisms/store), with a customized procedure where the decision of printing the documents is taken online based on 4 parameters, where the 4th parameter contained 3 extra criteria, increased geometrically the complexity. Additionally the reception of the delivery notes in order for the time the goods would be delivered, the delivery notes would have already been entered into the system, the dispatch of the orders and the reception of the e-documents with their automated data entry and access in the company portal, having already been processed by the R@L service, as well as the limited implementation time, in combination with the workload in B. KAFKAS SA, increased tremendously the complexity of this project.

–  Quickest digitalization of all the paper documents
–  Increase of competitiveness, by eliminating the costs of controls & re-controls due to mistakes, achieving the most optimum use of time
–  Ensuring the legitimacy & security in the business transactions
–  Increase of speed in the accounting department’s procedures
–  Decrease of the environmental footprint

Based on criteria with measurable benefits for the decrease of the operating costs, B. KAFKAS SA cooperated with Retail@Link on the solution R@L e-Invoicing BizDocΕΕ, for the complete elimination of the use of paper in the invoice documents and the replacement with electronic ones, as well as their local archiving. Taking advantage of the current infrastructure, the solution R@L EDI was additionally implemented for the automated data entry of the documents and dispatch of the orders in order to achieve further economies of scale in time consuming communications and error management.

For the advancement of the internal processes and the commercial relations, the procedure of the Delivery Notes (D.N.) was also added. That is when the suppliers deliver at the stores, the relevant D.N. will have already been entered into the system in order to facilitate the reception of the goods in the store and decrease the time of reception/data entry/update, therefore increasing the innovativeness of the R@L solution. Additionally, the solution R@L e-Invoicing for the incoming documents was also implemented, where the electronic documents of the suppliers are automatically archived in the R@L e-Invoicing BizDocEE service, after the mapping & checking with the corresponding EDI documents that are used for the accounting entries in the ERP system of B. KAFKAS SA.

Moreover the procedure of the electronic dispatch of the documents through the existing online Portal of B. KAFKAS SA was handled with the creation of a “bridge” between the B. KAFKAS SA database and the R@L platform for the dematerialization of the sales / credit invoices which are processed from the R@L e-Invoicing RLBizDocEE service and become available in the company’s portal for immediate access from the clients, let alone being fully archived.

Finally the upgrade of the service to a new edition for the 120 points of sale in 5 days without disrupting the intensive daily operations, or the receivers of the documents to experience delays/malfunctions, was an additional challenge of this implementation.

For the effective implementation, work groups were created which in complete synchronization and under the experienced guidelines of Retail@Link completed the project in only 4 weeks’ time.

Description of demands: Detailed description of needs for the optimum solution

Target Setting: The daily operations would remain intact from the simultaneous operations of the 2 software packs.

Creation of time plan: Time frame of implementation : 5 days

Fine tuning: 20 days for fine tuning

Go live, with the common agreement for the operational integrity of the implementation and the complete cover of needs

Thanks to the continuous support of Retail@Link, the results & benefits for B.KAFKAS SA through the implementation of an innovative cooperation model, are shown below:

Results & Results
Number of Documents (month/electronic invoicing) : 14.800-17.000
Incoming Documents EDI/month : 75.716
Outgoing Documents EDI/month : 41,003
Archived Documents/month : 378.973
Number of Documents (yearly) : >6.000.000 yearly
Economies (Α4) : 100.000
Economies (€) : 850,000
Cost of Document/Before : 2,58
Cost of Document/After : 0,55
Number of printing points : 60
Number Tax Mechanisms per Printing Point : 2
Number of Total Points : 120
Cost of Investment : 13.000
ROI : 2 months
Decrease of Storage Cost Invoices/Credit Notes : 100%
Printout / Dispatch of the invoice : -100%
Dispatch of lost invoices : -100%
Decrease on the control of account receivables : -90%
Yearly control of the cost : -50%

Environmental Economization:
CO2 kg : 7038
Trees : 124,20
Water Waist m³ : 393
Solid Waist kg : 518
Operational Time (Minutes):
Before :8’
After :1,5’
% of decrease :-75%


The Perfect 10
B. KAFKAS SA took advantage of a unique opportunity of operational optimization, and created along with Retail@Link an innovative and technologically advanced ecosystem through the opportunities offered by οutsourcing , therefore improving its efficiency with 10 tangible benefits.

1. Tremendous cost decrease through the: Dematerialization of the documents, Local Electronic Archiving of Incoming/Outgoing Documents and the Automated Data Entry of the Incoming Documents
2. Increase of productivity, by eliminating the repetitive procedures & increase of visibility in the operations of the accounting department
3. ROI <2 months
4. Complete Compatibility with the complex ERP of B. KAFKAS SA, without any investment in OPEX/CAPEX, or disruption in the current operating system
5. Easy interconnection with the commercial associates and speed of service, through the automated electronic circulation of the documents in safety, transparency and integrity thanks to the expertise of Retail@Link
6. Constant Alignment with the Tax Law
7. Update of the involved parties on the dispatch/reception of the documents & Better cash-flow
8. License Based product with the ability to cooperated with other outsourced SaaS services and easy scalability to the other R@L solutions
9. Decreased environmental footprint
10. Participation in the developing R@L electronic community of the >55.000 cooperating businesses with direct interconnection and scalability

The combined solutions of Electronic Archiving & e-Invoicing EDI by Retail@Link give full flexibility of local management, while at the same time they lead to tremendous decrease of cost and optimization of the company operations. Retail@Link offers through cutting edge technologies a supermodern innovative model of customized services, by skyrocketing B. KAFKAS SA competitiveness and allowing the focus on its core business with faster commercial transactions, therefore succeeding tremendous cost decrease in the daily repetitive procedures.