Unilog & PEI.FA.SYΝ cooperate and implement Electronic Invoicing – EDI solutions by Retail@Link

Athens, April 2017.

The cooperating companies Unilog & PEI.FA.SYN that operate in the Logistics & the Medicine Distribution market respectively, have proceeded to the simultaneous implementation of the e-Invoicing – EDI solution by Retail@Link (member of the Entersoft group), for the automatic delivery & registration of electronic documents into their operating systems.

Unilog & PEI.FA.SYN, leaders in the Medicine Distribution market, have been interconnected through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) infrastructure by Retail@Link, ensuring the automation and the correctness check of the data, eliminating important costs in terms of control and error correction. The innovative solution by Retail@Link that is based on the experience and expertise as Software As Service (SaaS) provider, helped the automation of the procedures of data transfer and control of the documents of both companies, as well as their automatic registration into their operating system (ERP). As a result, both companies, save valuable resources enhancing the competitiveness and the acceleration of the data entry procedures, which until yesterday were manually performed. Additionally, the same service ensures overall benefits that increase exponentially, as the increased visibility, faster cooperation and further interconnection of the customers list through the electronic hub of the provider (B2B Hub), is more feasible than ever.

As mentioned by Mr. Antonis Samios, Customer Service Director, of Unilog: “The most important benefits of this cooperation is that we achieved higher speed, security and accuracy in the delivery of our business documents, without any change in the current infrastructures or in the way we currently operate. The cutting-edge technologies offered by Retail@Link in order to automate costly manual procedures, helped tremendously in the correct time allocation of our team, in order to focus exclusively on offering added-value to both our partners and final customers. With the unhindered support of Retail@Link, we move towards this direction with no deviations or interferences”.