SPAROS DIL partners with Retail@Link on the implementation of Electronic Invoicing solutions

Athens, April 2017.

SPAROS DIL, a dynamic and modern trading & logistics company of the most popular Brands in the Food & Beverages industry, has implemented the conclusive Electronic Invoicing solutions by Retail@Link (Entersoft group) in order to achieve operational flexibility and the transition to a Paperless accounting department with significant financial and environmental benefits.

SPAROS DIL, as local distributor of the most popular Fast Moving Consumer Brands like Arla Foods, General Mills, Loulis Mills, EPSA, VIAN etc, has chosen R@L e-Invoicing Paperless & EDI services by Retail@Link, which are awarded for the operational savings offered. With the R@L e-Invoicing Paperless solution, SPAROS DIL has the possibility to archive and send electronically within a few minutes the business documents to its clients, monitoring through the Online service the delivery status to every recipient, therefore eliminating the possibility of delayed delivery or loss of documents.

Additionally, with the e-Invoicing EDI solution, the company exchanges directly and in an automated way the data from the business documents from ERP – to – ERP, thus decreasing to the minimum the operational cost of data entry and control, thus completing the electronic management of the documents.

SPAROS DIL, operates in the greek market since 2008 offering conclusive commercial services, Trade Marketing, Sales & Logistics in some of the most competitive sectors in the Food & Beverages industry. With focused experience and expertise that makes her a valuable business associate, SPAROS Dil operates as a “subsidiary” for her partners, enhancing as a total the industry supply chain with premium value added solutions.

As stated by Loukas Sparos, CEO of SPAROS DIL S.A. : “Making the most of the Electronic Invoicing and the Electronic Data Interchange, we have the possibility to increase even more the speed of service towards our customers and suppliers. Our partnership with Retail@link, gave us a significant lead in the interconnection with our trading partners, having access to a wide network of interconnected companies to the e-Invoicing service”.