EDI Interconnection

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the exchange of structured content messages from ERP-to- ERP without the necessity of manual data entry. The service R@L EDI undertakes the automatic collection of invoices, orders and every document that you exchange daily from the ERP system of the issuer, and their automatic entry directly to the recipient’s ERP system immediately and flawlessly. This solution has direct implementation to every document and message that has stable “structured” format such as purchase orders, inventory files, inventory reports, price lists, etc and drastically decreases the operational costs of data exchange, entry and control between the traders within every business area.


The R@L EDI solution is an online service of EDI message exchange by Retail-Link, through which the trading companies ensure:

  • Automatic collection of invoices, orders and every type of message from the issuer’s system
  • Automatic controls of the concreteness of the collected files
  • Automatic data entry into the recipient’s system – flawlessly
  • Automatic controls between EDI and Electronic business documents
  • Automatic updates to the trading parties (issuer – receiver)
  • Generation of EDI messages from the PDF files (PDF to EDI)

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Benefits & Advantages

Decrease of Operational Cost

Take advantage of the automated data entry and decrease the administration cost by >75%, making the work of the accounting department much easier

Immediate & flawless data entry in every ERP system

Finalize faster and more easily the general ledger transactions with your business partners since the data is automatically entered without any discrepancies

Automatic controls and updates to the parties involved

Put an end to the manual controls since you are automatically notified for possible mistakes in the data entered

PDF to EDI: Conversion of PDF documents to EDI

Apply EDI to every commercial relationship, regardless of the ERP system used by your company or your partners

Extendibility – Economies of Scale

Connect with every client or supplier with no additional cost or effort, just with a connection to the Retail-Link’s B2B network

Win-Win solutions & Value Added Services

Offer mutual benefit to your commercial relationships, through the “circular” exchange of orders-invoices or the combination of E-invoicing   – EDI

Why work with us?

360° Approach in the e-Supply Chain

Since 2006 Retail-Link offers conclusive automated solutions in the supply chain, from the sale and the order to the invoicing and the money collection, with SaaS solutions that operate in a complementary way and complete your benefits.


Direct Extendibility – Direct Benefit

The R@L e-Invoicing EDI service offers you direct access to the biggest and fastest growing electronic community of 60.000 businesses and ensures immediate roll-out και Return of your investment.


Premium Services – Continuous Support

Retail-Link supports the biggest and most competitive companies transferring more than 18.000.000 business documents securely & legally, supporting  your company and your business associates to make the most of Electronic Invoicing benefits on a daily basis.


Trust the experts

Retail-Link is a subsidiary of Entersoft group, which produces a vast range of business solutions, has continuous growth with profitability and zero bank lending, elements that ensure your seamless long-term cooperation.

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