R@L e-Invoicing  Paperless, was legislated in Greece in 2006 in order to offer to the companies of any size and area of business the opportunity to decrease significantly their operational costs, eliminating the printing procedures, archiving and dispatching paper invoices.

From the day one of such implementation in the Greek market, Retail-link offers conclusive services and solutions for both issuing & receiving electronic invoices, electronic archiving and indexing business documents of any type, therefore creating a dynamically developing community of electronically connected businesses, thanks to which we can guarantee the fastest extension of your customers database with a R.O.I. <2 months.

Through the certified solution R@L e-Invoicing Paperless, one of the online Electronic Invoicing services by Retail-Link, more than 56,000 companies are connected, therefore ensuring:

  • Electronic issuance of any type of business documents
  • Signature in digital format or signature via Tax Mechanism
  • Secure, encrypted and fully automated electronic transfer
  • Controlling tracking status of business documents by the receivers
  • Social-Networking functions for continuous extension of the customers database
  • Support and Delivery of various attached documents
  • Electronic Archiving in the local application of R@L BizDoc Explorer
  • Electronic Archiving in the premium edition of the R@L BizDoc Enterprise Edition, either on premise or cloud archiving
  • P.O.D. Scanning,  for archiving the signed proof of delivery copies
  • Digitalization and archiving of the previously signed via tax machine of business documents
  • Ability to archive incoming electronic business documents
  • Easy upgrade/adaptation to the solutions of the automatic entry of the business documents R@L EDI

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Benefits & Advantages

Cost Reduction >65%

Reduction of the administration cost of business documents more than 65% with R.O.I. within 2 months, thanks to the possibility of the direct extension offered by the B2B network of Retail-Link

Faster Operations

Decrease the administration cost from 12’ to 1’ for every business document, helping the accounting department’s work become less complicated and significantly faster.

Improved Visibility

No more lost business documents! Check easily the delivery & read status of your business documents by their receivers.

Legality - Security

Ensure the Authenticity – Integrity – Readability of your business documents, choosing our secure and certified by ISO 27001 online service.

Flexibility - Extendibility

Ensure the easy alignment with the online service of Retail-Link that operates autonomously and independently from the information system (ERP) used by your company.

Environmental Friendly

Decrease the environmental footprint of your company and the unnecessary use of paper choosing efficient, modern and paperless accounting processes

Why Work With Us

Direct Extendibility – Direct Benefit

The R@L e-Invoicing Paperless service offers you direct access to the biggest and fastest growing electronic community of 56.000+ businesses, ensuring immediate roll-out και instant Return of your investment. και instant Return of your investment. και instant Return of your investment.


Premium Services – Continuous Support

Retail-Link supports the biggest and most competitive companies transferring more than 18.000.000 business documents securely & legally, supporting not only your company but also your business associates to make the most of the Electronic Invoicing benefits on a daily basis.


360° Approach of the e-Supply Chain

Since 2006 Retail-Link offers conclusive automated solutions in the supply chain, from the sale and the order to the invoicing and the money collection, with SaaS solutions that operate in a complementary way and complete your benefits.


Rely on the experts

Retail-Link, a subsidiary of the Entersoft group, focuses on providing solutions to businesses, has continuous development and profitability with zero debt, which ensure your continuous and unhindered cooperation.


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Our customers achieve R.O.I in <3 months! What about you?

The transition from paper to electronic invoicing, is a fast and accessible investment, which despite of the low investment, involves substantial benefits for every organization, within a significantly short payback time. Click below to calculate how much it costs to your company to issue a paper invoice and how you can decrease this cost by making an easy interconnection with the R@L e-Invoicing Paperless service!

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