e-DCM (Distribution Channel Management)

The solutions of e-Distribution Channel Management by Retail-Link, undertake the electronic collection of sales data from the network of distributors – wholesalers and special partners on a daily basis in a trustworthy and fully automated manner, offering an overall view of your sales and a credible tool for taking business decisions. To ensure the validity of the sell-out data of the distribution network, the R@L e-DCM service is equipped with the innovative solution “Database Connector”, which automates data extraction directly from most renowned ERPs of the market.

The solution R@L e-DCM is an online service of your distribution channels that offers you:

  • Daily collection of Sell-Out Data from your wholesalers
  • Automatic data collection without any administration cost for you or your channel
  • Connectivity with multiple options in order to serve every channel (xVan, EDI κ.α.)
  • Multiple, automated ways for collecting data, without the need of any IT investment from your partner
  • Easy management through the user-friendly Online environment of the service
  • Real-Time statistical information for you and your network through the conclusive  Online Β.Ι. Portal of the service
  • Connectivity and updates of your Business Intelligence system of your company
  • Alternatively, a complete Βusiness Intelligence Analytics system (Entersoft) that provides  this solution, as long as there is no use of any subordinate tool

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Benefits & Advantages

Real-Time data collection

Have a daily and credible overview of your channel’s performance, for the dynamic formulation of your business strategy

Automation and Credibility

Collect automatically the Sell-Out data of your channel, without any administration cost for you or for your distributors

Performance Appraisal

Enhance the easy issuance of rebates through this service, appraising your channel based on real and credible data

Interoperability – Adaptability

Apply this solution, with no restrictions in terms of system and equipment requirements, in the subordinate working context of your company and your partners

Dynamic decision making

Make your decision making much easier, dynamic and flexible as ever, through the valuable reports per product, geographical area and postal code

Win-Win solution of mutual benefit

Apply this multiple benefits solution to your company and your channel

Why work with us?

Easy Extendibility – Flexible Solution

The service R@L e-DCM offers you the access to the biggest connected network of the electronic supply chain. At the same time, our SaaS solutions, offer immediate application through multiple connection methods, in order to serve every partner, regardless of the available infrastructure or equipment.


360° Approach to the e-Supply Chain

Since 2006 Retail-Link offers conclusive solutions for the automated supply chain, from the sale to the order, to the invoicing and the money collection, with SaaS solutions that work complementary and complete your benefit.


Experienced and Specialized Support

The customer service team of the e-DCM service, offers constant and experienced support to both your company and your sales channel (distributors, wholesalers, special partners) for the maximum use of the benefits of this solution and the immediate electronic connectivity.


Trust the experts

Retail-Link, a subsidiary of the Entersoft group, focuses on providing solutions to businesses, has continuous development and profitability with zero debt, which ensure your continuous and unhindered cooperation.

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