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The e-invoicing Enterprise Edition (R@LBizDocEE), is a complete software solution for local archiving and offers automatic and optional connection with electronic invoicing, that is the processing, archiving and delivering of outgoing and incoming e-documents (invoices, dispatch notes, orders and any other business documents), electronically and paperlessly, in full compliance to the Greek and International tax law.

The Enterprise Edition of the service  offers the possibility of intergration with the e-Invoicing service. It includes multiple modules that cover the specific needs of every business regarding the archiving of business documents. Indicatively mentioned, the multi-party usage, the scanning of returned documents after delivery (POD), the archiving of incoming electronic business documents from suppliers, the portal for the upload or download of business documents, workflows subsystem etc.

The advanced operability of Bizdoc Enterprise Edition is complemented by the number of tools that help IT managers customize the complex operations of this solution to make its management easier, along with the systemic tools offered, i.e. form designer, advanced user right, screen designer etc

The R@LBizDocEE application is based on Entersoft’s Business Suite, which incorporates advanced ERP-CRM and Web Portal functionalities, in order to provide complete support for the completion of your business processes (concerning document processing, archiving, indexing, retrieval, delivery or web publishing ect.). Due to the application’s architecture, the application complies of a number of features such as security controls, enhanced data indexing and retrieval, stability, scalability and automatic upgrade options to a wide range of value adding applications. Over and above, it is based on the successful and sophisticated business solution with more than 7.000 developing business clients in 12 countries.

By selecting Retail@Link’s BizDocEE Stand Alone Application, you are able to minimize your traditional document processing and settlement costs by:

  • Minimizing the need for paper documents and replacing them with e-documents, always in accordance to the Greek and International tax and legal requirements.
  • Providing the tools for automatic detection and identification of important data within each e-business documents.
  • Automating the Approval Work-Flows, both for incoming and for outgoing documents where applicable.
  • Facilitating the automatic data entry of e-documents into the ERP system.
  • Connecting to e-invoicing facilitator services, like the R@L Service for additional value adding services.

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Benefits & Advantages

Decrease of Operational Cost

Take advantage of the automated data entry and decrease the administration cost by >75%, making the work of the accounting department much easier

Automatic controls and updates to the parties involved

Decrease the administration cost from 12’ to 1’ for every business document, helping the accounting department’s work become less complicated and significantly faster.

Automatic Archiving Without CAPEX

Manage your documents without any extra cost of equipment in your current information systems.

Extendibility – Economies of Scale

Easy extendability to the rest of the Retail@Link solutions (e-Invoicing, EDI, CRP/VMI, e-DCM) with direct synergies among them.

Selection of the Optimum Solution

Easy selection and implementation of the solution either On Premise or On Cloud, in order to take advantage of further decrease of the operational cost.

Why Work with us

Direct Extendibility – Direct Benefit

The R@L BizDocEE solution offers you direct & continuous support and training as well as constant upgrades, thus ensuring the best use of our solutions.


Premium Services – Continuous Support

The R@L BizDocEE solution offers you direct & continuous support and training as well as constant upgrades, thus ensuring the best use of our solutions.


360° Approach of the e-Supply Chain

Since 2006 Retail-Link offers conclusive automated solutions in the supply chain, from the sale and the order to the invoicing and the money collection, with SaaS solutions that operate in a complementary way and complete your benefits.


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Retail-Link, a subsidiary of the Entersoft group, focuses on providing solutions to businesses, has continuous development and profitability with zero debt, which ensure your continuous and unhindered cooperation.

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