CRP/VMI (Supply Chain Management)

The solutions of Collaborative Supply Chain Management by Retail-Link, undertake the efficient stock replenishment of the Central Warehouse and the calculation of the best order quantity that corresponds to the optimum balance between Service Level and Stock Level, thus reducing to minimum the returns, Reverse Logistics & the required working capital.

The solution R@L CRP-VMI is an online service of Collaborative supply Chain Management, where suppliers and buyers have the possibility to:

  • Synchronize product catalogues (Master Data Alignment)
  • Exchange electronically the files of the Supply Chain (stock, demand from stores, in transit quantities etc)
  • Receive automatically, based on algorithmic calculations, the ideal order quantities according to historical data
  • Finalize electronically the order quantities, keeping record of the changes/suggestions of the trading parties
  • Receive valid and immediate statistical information on the effectiveness of the replenishment operations, based on predefined KPIs
  • Insert data automatically into ERP systems via EDI

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Benefits & Advantages

Optimum balance between Service – Stock Levels & On Shelf Availability

Increase the service level by decreasing the stock level in the Central Warehouse, ensuring the constant presence of your products on the store shelf (On Shelf Availability)

Decrease of excessive replenishment visits

Through the algorithmic calculation of your replenishment needs, you have the possibility to constantly increase the effectiveness of your supply chain, while maintaining at low levels the cost of visits of your salespeople

Speed-up of the operations – Transparency of the cooperation

Serve electronically & automate the flow of approvals of your orders

Electronic Data Interchange – Without manual data entry

Automatize the exchange, data & files entry into your systems, thus increasing the accuracy and speed of service

Catalogue maintenance – Interoperability

Ensure that your product catalogues are always synchronized according to the directives of the Economic Development Partnership (EDP) 1169/2011

Win-Win solutions & Value Added Services

Offer mutual benefit to your business partnerships through a win-win solution that serves the needs of every party involved, and take advantage of the thorough statistical reports

Why work with us

Experienced and Specialized Support

Along with the years of expertise in the electronic service of the supply chain, Retail-Link is your certified partner of GS1 Association Greece for the support of HellaSync, covering apart from your daily needs in CRP- VMI, the constant alignment with the directives of the Economic Development Partnership (EDP) 1169/2011.


Easy Extendibility – Flexible Solution

The service R@L CRP-VMI offers you access to the biggest inter connected network of electronic supply chain. At the same time our Software As A Service solutions, offer direct application without Capex investment, but with the quickest R.O.I..


360° Approach on e-Supply Chain

Since 2006 Retail-Link offers conclusive automation solutions to the supply chain, from the sale to the order, until the invoicing and the money collection, with Software as a Service solutions that work in a complementary way and complete your benefits as well as your business partners.


Trust the experts

Retail-Link, a subsidiary of the Entersoft group, focuses on providing solutions to businesses, has continuous development and profitability with zero debt, which ensure your continuous and unhindered cooperation.

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