1st Sales in Action Forum (Real Sales Stories…or how to kill the dragon)

Retail@Link participated as a sponsor in Sales in Action Forum Real Sales Stories (or how to kill the …dragon), that took place on Friday 07/07/2017 at Dais Conference Center, where 200 attendees from all over Greece participated , as well as many customers of Retail@Link.

It is the first time the Sales in Action forum is organized in Greece and aims to highlight successful sales stories, optimum practices and important cooperations that enhance the competitiveness and productivity in the daily sales in order to achive the much needed sales increase at the end of the day.

The agenda of the forum focused on the technological innovations – solution in sales that improved the turnover and the profitability, synergies between companies that increased sales, as well as the excellent results of cross-selling.

The Retail@Link booth was placed once again in a key position in the sponsors area. Additionally, the  presence of Retail@Link was further enhanced through the interview given by Nikos Sahinis, Commercial Director at Retail@Link, during the Sales in Action forum.