Retaill@Link was certified for electronic invoicing in the Public Sector

The mandatory electronic invoicing in the Public Sector with a single secure protocol, is already supported by Retail Link.


In the context of the imminent implementation of e-invoicing by all Public Bodies of Member States of the European Union (in accordance with the European Directive 2014/55 / ​​EU), Retail Link participated in the European program “Interoperable elnvoicing in Greece (GRinv) – [ 20I6-EL-IA-0130] ”together with the public authorities (General Secretariat for Commerce & Consumer Protection, General Secretariat for Information Systems, General Secretariat for Digital Politics, State Accounting Office) and other IT bodies, under the supervision of the University of Piraeus, so as to implement the dispatch & reception nodes of electronic invoices, according to the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) standard.

Retail Link, which participated in this project from the beginning, has fulfilled all the requirements and has been officially certified as PEPPOL Access Point, which means that it is ready to send documents having as recipients Public Authorities, applying all the rules of security and ensuring the accuracy required by the protocol (business rules).

At the same time, Retail Link, as a member of “OpenPEPPOLAuthority” (until the respective national independent authority is created), monitors the developments in the sector so that its customers can join the PEPPOL Network to exchange any B2B messages.

Retail Link, a member of the Entersoft Group, a leader in e-invoicing systems, is leading the way by constantly investing in new technologies to support the upcoming adoption of e-invoicing and e-books in our country by more and more businesses and organizations.