Retail@Link – SUPER MARKET MERIMNA: New e-Invoicing Collaboration

Athens, March 2017.

SUPER MARKET MERIMNA, implemented integrated e- Invoicing & EDI solutions provided by Retail@Link (Entersoft Group), to apply electronic archiving and automated invoice registration for its accounts payables, reduce operating costs and cater for win-win benefits for the company and its collaborating suppliers.

SUPER MARKET MERIMNA, owns 9 retail stores in the region of Attica and it is member of ELOMAS Group. The retail chain collaborates with Retail@Link, the innovative provider of integrated Software as a Service solutions for the digital transformation of the supply-chain, with extensive know-how in the electronic interconnection of large and small retailers in Greece and 12 European countries with its suppliers since 2003. More specifically, the retailer selected the R@L e-Invoicing EDI and the R@L e-Invoicing Paperless solutions, which cater for accelerated and automated processing throughout the invoicing operation, from the collection of invoice files from suppliers’ diverse back-end systems, to their conversion and automated registration directly into the company’s ERP and their secure digital archiving without the need to keep paper files.

Retail@Link’s solutions offer streamlined invoicing operations and accelerated exchange of invoices with MERIMNA’s suppliers, which are delivered from ERP-to- ERP, eliminating the need for manual registration, controls, as well as physical archiving. Finally, the retailer is able to leverage benefits, thanks to its provider’s dynamically growing e-Invoicing & EDI network, offering a many-to- many digital collaboration environment and unlimited roll-out opportunities.

As stated by Mr. Thodoris Giannakopoulos, Internal Audit Manager at Super Market MERIMNA: “Our provider’s expertise in the provision and support of electronic supply-chain solutions, as well as its large network of connected suppliers, were the prominent reasons, that led us to our decision to collaborate with Retail@Link. By implementing EDI and e-Invoicing solutions, we are not only targeting process automation and reduced operational costs for our company, but we also aim for enhanced value throughout our trading relations with our suppliers, being aware that «a good collaboration» is «a win-win collaboration”.