New collaboration between MLS INNOVATION Inc & Retail@Link to connect to the Electronic Invoicing Network

Athens, January 2018  MLS INNOVATION Inc has cooperated strategically with Retail@Link for its connection to the dynamically developing network of Electronic Invoicing of Retail@Link (member of the Entersoft group), in order to achieve immediate economies of scale.


For MLS, a purely Greek business focusing on innovation, the fast, precise and easy cooperation with the retail clientele, is part of its core values as it is considered an integral part of its many years success. Taking into account the huge number of invoices from the daily commercial transactions, that need to be manually entered into its system, MLS decided to cooperate with Retail@Link, the leading provider of conclusive SaaS solutions, by implementing the solution of R@L e-Invoicing EDI that offers the fastest and automated exchange of data of invoices from ERP-to-ERP, without the need of manual intervention, or extra investment in the information systems. The increased precision achieved in the fast completion of the invoicing-payment cycle leads to remarkable economies of scale for all the cooperating parties with win-win benefits. Additional benefit is the extendability offered by one and only connection to the B2Β hub of Retail@Link, as it ensures immediate interconnection with all the businesses that have joined the electronic hub.

MLS was founded in 1989 in Thessaloniki in order to develop high technology products, having as a motto «Innovation and Technology would absolutely be of no use if it did not make our life easier: Making Life Simple». Its brand name is connected with innovative technology products, many of which are unique in their kind, and can be implemented in all areas where calculating machines are used, from automotive and education, to entertainment and office.  MLS focuses on the research and design of new technologies while at the same time it trades products that cover most of the consumers’ needs, even in house entertainment.