Loulis Mills SA innovates and connects to the Electronic Invoicing– EDI Network by Retail@Link

Athens, March 2018The implementation of the e-Invoicing  – EDI solution by  Retail@Link  (member of the Entersoft group), in the company Loulis Mills SA  resulted in the automated dispatch and data entry of the electronic documents exchanged with the Supermarket Chains directly into their information systems.


The choice of Loulis Mills SA, the leader of the Greek flour industry in milling, sales and technology, to connect to the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service offered by Retail@Link, was based on the automation and control of the data integrity, minimizing the traditionally repetitive costs on checks and re-checks, successive communications and error management. Retail@Link, has many years of experience and know-how as a SaaS provider, being in the heart of the supply chain as of 2003, it ensures direct automation of the procedure of data transfer and control as well as the automated data entry into the ERP systems despite the existing infrastructure and without any extra investment or parameterization. As a result Loulis Mills SA managed to achieve savings on valuable resources and their reallocation on more productive areas, eliminating the traditionally manual procedures that were replaced by modern and automated data entry methods.

As an additional benefit, Loulis Mills SA has the ability to extend its electronic interconnection for any partner it decides to automate the data entry of the documents into its information systems, thanks to the wide network of Electronic Invoicing / EDI of >55,000 members, provided by Retail@Link.

Loulis Mills SA. Is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange with the distinctive title “LOULI”, while today it operates in Greece with two super modern production units in Sourpi (Keratsini). Thanks to the advanced technology that is used in all the processes, it has the ability to offer its clients more than 120 types of flour, ensuring the biggest product range, ideal to cover all the needs of the market. Moreover, the company has the best and biggest distribution network in Greece, with a fleet of privately owned trucks and multiple transportation partners who provide service to the clients from Evros to Crete.

As stated by Mr Nikolaos Papakostantinou, Head of IT in Loulis Mills SA: “In this day and age where the decrease of operational costs is at the top of the priorities pyramid of our business, our cooperation with Retail@Link offered an innovative and at the same time effective solution in the modernization of the daily repetitive procedures, so as to save valuable resources for the control, the issuance and the data entry of the documents, therefore increasing our competitiveness. As a result, we enhance our customer oriented approach that is expressed through the impeccable service of our partners and is strengthened through the beneficial solution of Retail@Link. At the same time, we decrease our environmental footprint, supporting our core values that make us the top preference of our clients throughout the decades.”