HAITOGLOU BROS opt for Retail@Link’s dynamically expanding e-Invoicing Network

Athens, January 2017.

HAITOGLOU BROS, implemented integrated e-Invoicing (EDI) solutions provided by Retail@Link (Entersoft Group) for the automated exchange of invoices-receivables to collaborating retail customers.

HAITOGLOU BROS, the distinguished producer of traditional Greek food products and a synonym to the traditional Macedonian halva, connected to Retail@Link’s dynamically growing B2B network, opting for the R@L e-Invoicing EDI solution. The e-Invoicing EDI solution, delivers automated interchange, controls and registration of outgoing invoices, directly into the back-end systems of collaborating Super Market chains, thus eliminating the need for manual data-entry and introducing a faster and efficient order-to- payment cycle. Through the successful electronic interconnection with its clientele, HAITOGLOU Bros is able to secure prompt and flawless registration of daily invoice data from ERP-to- ERP, regardless the diversity of existing back-end systems in each trading relation. At the same time, the company has the opportunity to roll-out electronic interconnections and expand EDI to every customer interested in Accounts Payables automation, thanks to Retail@Link’s large connected B2B network, requiring no additional changes or configurations in the existing infrastructure and IT set-up.

The HAITOGLOU BROS SA food industry was founded in 1924 in Thessaloniki, Greece, by a  family of refugees bearing the same name. Initially, the company was a small family business in the center of the city. Today, after over ninety years in existence, the company headquarters are located in the Kalohori area of Thessaloniki. The company's facilities extend over 170,000 square meters, of which 55,000 thousand comprise covered structures, and it produces traditional Greek products, perfectly integrated in the Mediterranean Diet. In addition to sesame products, the company is active in the production of a whole range of other products. (Such as jams, praline spreads, loukoumi [Turkish delight], and confectionary products), complete a long list of foodstuffs available to consumers. The company employs on average 400 employees. Through its highly-organized sales network, the company’s products are distributed to even the most far-off and inaccessible areas of the Greek territory, thus occupying a very high market share in the Greek market and internationally.

As stated by Mr. Thanasis Ataliotis, Financial Services Manager at HAITOGLOU BROS S.A.: “ Our collaboration with Retail@Link presents us with the opportunity to automate the exchange of data and files with collaborating Super-Market chains, significantly reducing administrative time and errors, that inevitably arise in paper-based and manual processes and offering many possibilities for expansion and generation of economies of scale. Our mission in HAITOGLOU Bros is to keep our tradition alive; and to this goal, modern technologies and collaborative tools is our ally. “