Golden Award for the cooperation of ΚAFKAS & Retail@Link for the successful implementation of Electronic Archiving & e-Invoicing EDI/e-ordering

Athens, December 2017. The golden Award was given, at the e-volution Awards 2017 for the combined implementation of the R@L e-Invoicing BizDocEE & R@L e-Invoicing EDI/e-ordering services by Retail@Link, for the archiving and data entry of the documents at B. Kafkas SA, through the innovative solutions to be applied by Retail@Link (member of the Entersoft group).

On Friday  December 8, at the Greek Car Museum, the annual ceremony of the e-volution Awards 2017 by Boussias Communications took place, while during the ceremony, Retail@Link & Β. ΚΑFΚΑS SA., received the Golden Award for the category Services & Infrastructures of the E-Business, for the project of Electronic Archiving & e-Invoicing EDI/e-ordering. More specifically, through the creation of new cooperative models with the optimization of cutting edge technologies and innovations at B. KAFKAS SA had significant results with 10 σημειώθηκαν εντυπωσιακά αποτελέσματα με 10 measurable benefits that ensure the quick dematerialization of the documents, the automation of controls, the archiving & data entry of the documents through the combination of the services of e-Invoicing BizDocEE & e-Invoicing EDI/e-ordering by Retail@Link.

For Β. ΚΑFΚΑS SA, the replacement of the management & data entry of thousands of paper documents with the corresponding electronic ones, not only decreased the  environmental footprint, but also contributed to the drastic decrease of the operational cost, as well as the speed-up of its procedures. More specifically the with the focused solutions of Retail@Link, Β. ΚΑFΚΑS SA. managed to decrease tremendously the cost of Archiving Invoices/Credit Notes, Printing/Dispatch of the invoices and Resending lost invoices at 100% while the operational time was decreased by 75%.

At the same time, having ROI in less than 2 months, the productivity was enhanced and the visibility in the accounting department was increased through the automated data entry of incoming documents, the easy interconnection with the commercial partners and the speed of service, as well as the easy expandability to the rest of the R@L solutions, with the immediate connection of Β. ΚΑFΚΑS SA in the developing R@L ηλεκτρονική hub of >56.000 cooperating companies.


As stated by Mr George Kanios IT Director at Β. ΚΑFΚΑS SA.:

«The combined solutions of Electronic Archiving & e-Invoicing EDI/e-ordering by Retail@Link give full flexibility of local management at Β. ΚΑFΚΑS SA, while at the same time lead to the drastic cost decrease and the optimization of company procedures. Retail@Link offers us through cutting edge technologies a supermodern innovative model of customized services, increasing the competitiveness and allowing the focus to the core business with faster with faster processing of our commercial transactions, succeeding tremendous cost decrease in the daily repetitive procedures ».