GEFSINUS GROUP implemented Retail@Link’s integrated e- Invoicing Services

Athens, January 2017.

GEFSINUS GROUP implemented integrated e-Invoicing solutions provided by Retail@Link (Entersoft Group), targeting cost-effective Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables Automation, through a user-friendly digital environment with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

GEFSINUS, one of the largest contract-catering enterprises in Greece, collaborates with Retail@Link, the innovative provider of comprehensive Software as a Service solutions, with long experience and know-how in the electronic interconnection of business partners from every market and sector, in their daily supply-chain operations since 2003. The aim of the collaboration is the digital and automated management, of both invoices payables and invoices receivables. More specifically GEFSINUS opted for the R@L e-Invoicing EDI solution, which caters for the automated collection of incoming invoices from a large pool of heterogeneous back-end systems and their automated transfer and direct registration into the company’s ERP system, without the need for manual data-entry.

Moreover, GEFSINUS implemented the R@L e-Invoicing Paperless service, for the electronic distribution of its invoices to its clientele, through a safe and user-friendly online platform, eliminating the need for physical printing and archiving and providing substantial cost saving opportunities.

GEFSINUS, is on a daily basis prepared to feed more than 70,000 people through a large network of 97 units in Athens, Crete and Peloponnesus. Through its top-quality raw materials and services, a strong vision for constant innovation and continuous alignment with the latest market trends,

GEFSINUS is a leader in the market of contract-catering, currently owning the largest share in restaurant-canteen management, in closed markets. As part of its mission to continuously evolve and support its trading ecosystem, GEFSINUS implemented Retail@Link’s integrated e-interconnection solutions, for the electronic management of daily transactions, with reduced operating costs, effort and environmental footprint.

As stated by Mrs. Fotini Stagaki, Accounting Manager at GEFSINUS: “The adoption of electronic invoice interchange, via Retail@Link’s secure services, is increasingly supporting our accounting operations effectiveness; it gradually eliminates the costs and inefficiencies of paper-based processes and it contributes significantly to the improvement of our operational efficiency, business competitiveness and innovation. “