“Retail@Link’s Paperless e-invoicing solution combined with the BizDocEnterprise Edition solution, has developed the internal processes of our company, while it has contributed to the streamlining and reduction of costs, through the improved utilization of all available resources; moreover these solutions have enhanced the reliability and transparency of the information exchanged with our partners. Retail@Link proved its ability to provide high quality services and has stood beside us as a reliable partner.”


“Our partnership with Retail @ Link, allowed us to easily and quickly manage the transition from paper to electronic invoices and digital signatures, while providing us with a user-friendly state-of-the-art tool which reduces operating costs & improves our business processes. The public sector has much to gain by automating its opearations and it is our great pleasure to take the lead in implementing new methods which provide direct and safe results!”

My Market

“Through the automation of data-entry processes, not only do we manage to work faster and far more efficiently, but also to enhance security through our data-exchange processes. R@L e-invoicing EDI, is a solution fully compatible with our existing IT set-up, which provides us with a very wide and growing network of affiliated suppliers, already serviced through its user-friendly platform.”

Hondos Center

“The solution we selected made its economic benefits known since the very beginning, as we calculated our expected cost-savings before implementing it! Retail@Link’s e-Invoicing Paperless Service, offers us the ability to cut our invoicing costs in half, accelerate our business processes & enhance our contribution to the environmental sustainability, while securing the maximum quality of services to our customers. Our partnership with Retail@Link, has definitely a lot to offer both in the present and in the future.”


“E-Invoicing Paperless, tops-up BARILLA’s long-lasting-collaboration with Retail@Link in the area of B2B collaborative services, aiming for the effective interconnection with our trading partners. This project aims beyond the implicit cost-reduction, to the accelerated service of our trading operations and the enhanced visibility of our invoices’ delivery status, as part of our plan to constantly improve our business processes.”


The Electronic Archiving & e–Invoicing EDI/e–ordering solutions offer complete flexibility of local management and lead to dramatic decrease of cost and optimization of  business processes. Retail@Link offers us through cutting edge technologies a supermodern innovative model of customized services, increasing the competitiveness and allowing the focus to the core business with faster with faster processing of our commercial transactions, succeeding tremendous cost decrease in the daily repetitive procedures.”


“We are very confident about the outcomes of our EDI interconnection with our suppliers, and we expect significant acceleration & simplification of our invoicing & ordering processes. For PUBLIC, e-invoicing is a strategic decision. Our competitiveness is intertwined with our technological development and Retail@Link’s experienced team and reliable solutions, support us towards this exact direction.”

Green Cola

“Our choice to automate invoicing operations, which used to be both expensive and time-consuming, allows our team to allocate our aligned effort in the production of true added-value. Our cooperation with Retail@Link, offers the ability to achieve lean-cost operations, accelerated processes and even more importantly to know –in advance, what are the expected economic benefits deriving from the implementation of e-Invoicing.”


“The trustworthy solution R@L Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) found  absolute implementation at Diamantis Masoutis SA as the mutual benefits are aligned with the vision of digitalization and constant efficiency improvement. The solution of Retail@Link gives full flexibility in the central management with mutual visibility & transparency in the whole value chain while achieving increase in valuable productive time.”


“Our collaboration with Retail@Link supports us in the automated Sell-out data collection, by acceleratingthe completion of manual procedures of our cooperation.  Through the ultramodern common communication hub (Online Β.Ι. portal), we have full knowledge of the Sell-Out Data for the improved targeting and the faster service of the needs of every part of the supply chain, by transforming it to a value chain.”

Stergiou Family

“The systemic upgrade of the company through the Electronic Invoicing solutions that we implemented, optimized our business infrastructure, therefore significantly contributing to the reduction of operating costs. The biggest benefit was the improvement of the internal operations of the accounting department, with a two-way benefit for our customers, as the implementation of Retail@Link now allows us to focus on the upgraded service of our commercial transactions, creating stronger collaborations and increasing our competitiveness.”