Based on the experience and know-how of Retail@Link, Stergiou Family adopted the R@L Electronic Invoicing and EDI solutions, covering the end-to-end invoicing cycle and, radically modernizing its, until recently, traditional way of operating.

Avis cooperated with Retail@Link to create a technological ecosystem based on the capabilities of outsourcing that improves performance with a sharp cost reduction documents dematerialisation, local electronic archiving of outgoing documents and automated data entry of incoming documents.

How DODONI breaks the borders of time & distance Real-Time σε in the whole distribution network by skyrocketing the competitiveness of its distributors through the pioneering procedures offered by the solution e-DCM by Retail@Link

How Masoutis increased its effectiveness by applying the cooperative model VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) by Retail@Link, creating a scalable ecosystem that skyrocketed the benefits of the whole supply chain, therefore transforming it to a value chain through value-added services and win-win methods of collaboration

The Kafkas case study that created an innovative cooperative ecosystem to achieve 10 measurable benefits that ensure the fast dematerialization of the documents, the automated controls, the archiving & data entry of the documents through the combined services of e-Invoicing BizDocEE & e-Invoicing EDI by Retail@Link.

The need to find a solution for the real-time collection of the sell-out data of Icecream distributors network of ΚRI KRI on a daily basis, with zero involvement by the distributors through a strictly defined implementation timeframe based on the seasonality of the products, was the basis of this project.

In 1877, when Pietro Barilla opened a small bakery shop in Parma, Italy, he could not imagine that his name would become synonymous to pasta worldwide. Today 139 years later, the BARILLA Group offers with consistency popular & qualitative brands in pasta, sauce and bakery products in more than 100 countries around the world.

BiC is the worldwide leader in the FMCG sector offering since 1945 a portfolio of well-known products that are positioned in the Number 1 place in the preferences of the customers.

ELTA COURIER SA, the well known subsidiary of the ELTA HELLENIC POST Group, offers competitive & reliable courier services since 1987, through specialized B2C & B2B solutions, such as the popular DOOR-to-DOOR service.

SARMED, is a pioneer provider of competitive Third Party Logistics services in the Greek market. The first privately owned company that started managing Customs warehouses approximately 25 years ago and is one of the leaders in the field of 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), offering state-of the -art bulk and cold cargo services.

The creation of the first notosgalleries department store in Sofia, Bulgaria, entailed a set of major challenges for the Group, as well as a strictly defined schedule, targeting the completion of all running projects no later than November 2014, in order to welcome new customers at Sofia Ring Mall.

For ATHENS EUROCLINIC & specifically regarding the relationships with the clients in the Insurance sector, the delivery, archiving, and mainly the search of documents, is traditionally a complicated procedure with a steadily high administrative cost both sides.