Attiki Gas Supply Company S.A. chooses the Electronic Invoicing solutions by Retail@Link

Athens, June 2019. Retail@Link (member of the Entersoft group) has successfully implemented in Attiki Gas Supply Company S.A. the conclusive e-invoicing & archiving solutions R@L e-Invoicing Paperless, with big customers, offering them the choice to electronically receive the invoices. At the same time, the company can monitor the delivery status of the invoices from the Online Portal of Retail@Link, where there is immediate access to the archived documents by filtering the data through a variety of choices, without the need to archive any paper documents.

According to Mrs Zaira Triviza Procurement Director of Energy Supply and Regulatory Affairs in the Attiki Gas Supply company SA: «We seek innovation in the company’s operations and we adopt solutions that upgrade our customer service. Through the flexible solution R@L e-Invoicing Paperless, we have immediate benefits for our customers as we enhance significantly the efficiency and speed of the invoicing process.»