Why work with us

At Retail-Link we understand the potential and value of collaboration and B2B synergies. As a result we are proving that we are a reliable provider, facing your business relationships with your trading ecosystem, as they were our own and creating meaningful partnerships with long-term benefits and tangible results.


Our solutions are designed so as to respond in a comprehensive way to every interconnection need in your supply-chain. At the same time our Pay-as-you-go model, supported by our SaaS offering, makes our collaboration cost-effective, scalable and free of Capex costs.


Retail-Link’s team consists of impeccably trained members, whose common mission is to effectively serve your interconnection needs with your business partners, through premium training and daily support.


Our services offer immediate payback and ROI thanks to a virally expanding B2B community in every vertical market, which makes rapid roll-out possible and eliminates administrative costs and effort to achieve diffusion to your business partners.


At Retail-Link we recognize how important data safety is for you and your business ecosystem. This is why we commit to the integrity and confidentiality of your data and prove it through internationally recognized quality and safety standards (ISO 27001).

Retail-Link belongs to the Entersoft group which specializes in software production and business services, having presence in 37 countries in SE Europe and Middle East. Entersoft leads the business software market, maintains rapid growth rate and quality expanding customer base and offers ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, WMS, B.I. & e-Commerce products within an integrated operating environment.

Entersoft is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. For more information, press here

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